Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness

Angel image by Glenyss BourneDarkness is only an absence of Light and can only exist in duality in the 3D world, as “dark and light”.  There is an active  and a passive darkness. Passive darkness is ignorance, and active darkness attempts to dominate and control.

Darkness is not “evil”; or your “enemy”; It only vibrates at a frequency relatively lower than your own vibrational frequency. Darkness is service to self and light is service to others.

The dark path is an alternative way of spiritual evolution, but it can take one only as far as “The Gate To Christ Consciousness” and 5D awareness at Higher Heart chakra. In order to open that Gate one must serve others out of compassion for them (eg- Working as a healer, for free.) and this compassion is missing in the self-service Soul.

Many “passive” dark Souls don’t realise that they are working for, and giving their energy to, the…

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