Angel Message for Today from Mary

114-small1Today’s message is from Mary “You are loved beyond measure! The depth of love that enfolds you from on high is infinite. First of all feel Gratitude for all the precious gifts of Life. Then open your heart and humbly ask for whatever it is that you need at this time. And that will surely flow to you as the river flows into the sea. Remember to ask, and you will receive!”

©Glenyss Bourne 2016

Angel Meessage for Today-Live the Attitude of Loving Kindness

Angel Message for Today

What the world really needs now is for all of us to actually begin to live the Attitude of Loving Kindness. This a message I received from the Angels some years ago about loving kindness and the effect it would have on the world. It is really that simple!

“Live the attitude of Loving Kindness and teach it to your children by your example.

If all beings did this : War would become merely a distant memory in the World. Hunger and greed could not exist.

Cruelty to another living thing would be unthinkable, and there would be no prejudice. Men would gently draw their sustenance from the Earth with loving care, without damaging or destroying the beauty of Nature.

There would be no such thing as fear, and all would work together for the common Good.”

©Glenyss Bourne 2016


Spiritual Levels (via Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness)

Spiritual Levels From “Father” :–” In fact there are no different levels of spirituality, only different levels of awareness that one is Spirit. Each of us is an aspect of Spirit, but most of us have forgotten Who we are to some extent. We all originate in Spirit, and we have descended into materiality in order to forget that we are Spirit. This may seem strange, but in order that Spirit can know Himself as Spirit, He has to create something that is not Spirit. … Read More

via Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness