Recent Feedback about Glenyss Bourne’s Angel Paintings

Archangel Michael and Mary Painting Helps Sleep Problems

Angel of  Protection and Compassion - Archangel Michael and Mary paintingDear Glenyss, My 3 year old granddaughter was waking up every night saying there were monsters in her room. I told her to call on the angels to protect her and they would go away. Well that didn’t work so I purchased the 8 x 10 print of Archangel Michael and Mother Mary for her room. When the prints arrived she was not home so I placed the print on her wall above her bed and the smaller one that you sent above my bed. Later that evening before going to bed she comes running in my room and says, “grandma I have an angel in my room and so do you”. I said great what is his name, she said “Michael and he has wings that go like this”. She has slept peacefully in her room every night since. Thank you Rev. Debora

Archangel Raphael and Communion Paintings

Communion paintingHi Glenyss, Thank you for the artwork. I received it today and it is amazing. The power of the picture is unspeakable. I have given it to the framers to put a frame on. I will send u a picture when it’s mounted and set up in the home. Thanks again for your guidance and help. Take care. Remembering you in our prayers with love and prayers Milie and Thomas.

An email about the Sacred Wisdom book

Hi Glenyss,

I received my my pictures and book a couple of days ago and I am absolutely delighted with them—thank you so much.

We celebrated Mothers Day today and although I bought the book for myself I decided to give it to my Mum for her Mother’s Day gift as she has had a tuff time this past 2 years. I went to her house this morning but she was out; taking flowers to the cemetery for her own Mother who died a couple of years ago. I left my gift with a neighbour who passed it to my Mum. One hour later my Mum phoned me to say thank you; she loves the book. I could hear it in her voice — she even said she had tried the exercise mentioned in the book. You don’t understand how much this meant to me. My Grandmother died a couple of years ago, followed by my uncle; another uncle had a stroke; two aunties developed cancer… all in all an awful time for my Mum. The most worrying thing for me is that my Mother has not cried; has not grieved. It’s as if the grief will be too big for her. I hope she allows the Angels to get close to her to help her come to terms with her life’s tragedies. I want my Mum to move on and I truly believe that she will, will the help of the Angels… and all because you allowed yourself to be a vessel. Thank you very very much.
Lots of Love and Light,

Tina x x x

An email about the Angel Illuminations DVD

The first time I watched one of your angel videos I was transformed..it happened this past weekend..My journey began two years ago after losing my second son on March 20 2009..My first son passed 19 years ago and it wasn’t till I lost my second son I realized I needed a different kind of help and that’s when I found God.

I could not let my second son move on until now. The video I watched illustrated angel movement to the chant of Om Namah Shivaya and I practiced your suggested breathing techniques. I was mesmerized by the pictures, breathing and chant.

Later that day I went outside to absorb some of the sun’s rays and let my mind drift with the pictures and music still vivid in my head. Then I saw a picture of my second son sitting next me! The angel messengers were with me and showed me that he is with me. An amazing connection/communion with my soul. This awakening has helped me understand he will always be with me and I thank you for showing me the way.
—JoAnn, 9th March 2011.

An email about a Large Canvas Painting of Archangel Raphael

Angel of Light, Archangel Raphael paintingDear Glenyss,
Thank you SO much for the stunning angel pictures! They are amazing and I just can’t wait to get them framed and put up in my house. I have shown them to everyone who has come over and my best friend was so enchanted by the canvas picture of Archangel Raphael that she had goose bumps all over her when she looked at it. She said it was so beautiful it just left her breathless.
Your pictures are truly stunning.
Thank you again and a very happy and blessed 2010 to you.
Love and best wishes,

An email about an Archangel Uriel Painting 8×10″

Angel of Light, Compassion and Healing, Archangel Uriel paintingSubject: MS Cured Angel Art 09
Dear Anaheart47
Hello! I just wanted to keep in touch. I purchased a picture from you earlier this year. It was of Archangel Uriel, anyway to refresh your memory, I was diagnosed with M.S. last fall. It was a terrible blow to my family and I stumbled across your eBay site and had to have one of your pictures. To be honest I was compelled to purchase one. I went for a follow up appointment about a month ago and it is gone. There is no lesions present on my MRI, and they have stopped all of my medications!!! I don’t know how it happened however I felt the need to say thank you! Keep up the great work.

About an 8×10″ Painting

The painting I received took my breath away it’s hanging at the foot of my bed as the last thing I see at night and the first thing i see in the morning. Hope Michael (Archangel Michael Pic) arrives soon!

An email about a commissioned version of “The Angel of Protection” Painting

Angel of Protection and Guidance paintingHi Glenyss,
Words can’t describe how beautiful my painting is or how much it means to me. I can’t wait to have it stretched so that I can put it on my wall. You are truly talented and have a real gift for reading the angels. Your message of protection is evident in the beauty of the angel that bestows it.I just love it!!
Thank you also for the book and your angel blessings. I took the book with me this past weekend when we went to visit my husband’s parents. I think your angel blessings worked because for the first time we sat down and talked as a family. We are a rather dysfunctional one, but then again I am starting to believe that all families have a bit of dysfunction tucked away somewhere. At least we are looking for a solution to all our problems now. That’s a start isn’t it? Also, today for the first time in several months my husband is feeling a little better. That is really a blessing. I think he has been depressed for quite some time. I am interested in the Flower Remedies. Can you use them with prescription medications? Maybe someday I will try them. From looking through your book I feel that I need Well-Being and Grandmother Moon Elixir. At least that was in the vibes I was picking up on. I really believe in angels now. I have been on a whirlwind for the past two months and I feel as though God and his angels are guiding me somehow. Have you ever felt this way? Thank you again, so much, for the painting. I will cherish it always as a reminder of the journey that I have been on with the angels.
Angel Blessings.

Unusual Testimonial — The Magpie who loves Angels!

I had an unusual visitor to my Angel Gallery recently. This magpie loves the high vibrational energy at Sanctuary Angel Gallery, and has come into the gallery a few times in the past, usually when I have left the door ajar when I open up. She was waiting for me to arrive today, and as you can see she was really keen to come inside. I don’t feed her regularly and have not trained her in any way, she just turned up one day and wanted to come inside. She likes the healing energies and the Angel paintings! I was lucky enough to capture her on video.

More feedback regarding Angel Paintings

Hi Glenyss,
I thought I’d let you know I received the painting today and it is absolutely glorious. Thank you for creating such inspirational artwork. You are truly blessed.
I will be ordering 5 more pieces on canvas when I get back from my weekend away. I feel my clients will certainly purchase these.
They are magnificent.
Light Blessings.

I bought one of your paintings off eBay and had to let you know how beautiful it is! I feel comforted just having it in my bedroom and I plan to purchase more (including one of Archangel Michael for my Reiki Master). Thank you so much for making this beautiful artwork available and affordable.
Be Blessed.

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