Glenyss Bourne    with one of her Angel Paintings.CO Creation

Glenyss Bourne with one of her Angel Paintings.CO Creation

Glenyss Bourne

Many know me as the  Angel Lady” or “The Angel Whisperer”. I have spoken with, been guided and healed by Angels; and I PAINT Angels. I have not only been truly touched by an Angel – I have been touched by hundreds of Angels and Archangels. I have many clairvoyant friends who have confirmed to me that what I paint is the closest to the real Angels as it is humanly possible to achieve.Words alone cannot describe the feelings and inner knowings that you experience when you encounter an Angel. Read more about Glenyss’s story “Follow Your Dreams and Never Give Up!

Guided by Angels

About fifteen years ago, while I was experimenting with water colour painting, I went into a meditative state and produced two incredible energetic paintings of Angels.

Guided Digital ArtSacred Wisdom Angelic Guidance Book by Glenyss Bourne

I then began to paint Angels digitally, although I had no previous experience in digital art. Soon after this happened I was guided to produce a book of Angel paintings with Angelic Guidance, Sacred Wisdom. The Angel Book and Angel Paintings are a form of wordless communication that speaks to us on a soul level of “Remembrance.

This   is one of my very early Angel Paintings Angel of Expansion and Courage

This is one of my very early Angel Paintings “Angel of Expansion and Courage “

Each Angel Painting carries the vibration of that Angel and broadcasts their vibration energetically to those in need. This is the purpose of the Angel Art.

Co-creating with Spirit

All of the Angel Paintings have been co-created with Spirit. I look at the paintings in absolute wonder sometimes and think “How did I do that?”….I had BIG HELP! I am in absolute gratitude for the gifts that have been bestowed on me, even the gift of devastating illness that took me to places that I would never have chosen to go. I feel that it was necessary to have this experience in order to totally fulfill my life’s goal. I no longer fear death, I know that I will be merely be going Home, and for me it will be a celebration.

I now treasure each moment of the wondrous experience of life on Earth and try to have as much fun as it is humanly possible to have. Incidentally Angels have a great sense of humour and fun, you don’t have to be Good to receive their blessings.

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© Glenyss Bourne 2013

May the Light and Love of the Angels be with You always! ♥ Glenyss

©Glenyss Bourne 2000

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