Angelic Videos Featuring the Angel Art of Glenyss Bourne

All of these Angelic Videos are a form of Visual Meditation and Relaxation and are best watched in Full Screen Mode. The Angel paintings featured in these Angel Art Videos are available from our Anaheart website, Etsy, our Ebay Store or from Fine Art America

Silver Rain Relaxation Video

This beautiful Plant Song holds the High Angelic Vibration of Love, Protection and Compassion and emanates positive Life-giving Energies. It has been been created with the vibrations of healing plants, Unconditional Love and Angelic Energies in a healing environment. This is a short sample of  the video.

This video is available here as a set including a 14 minute visual meditation featuring Glenyss Bourne’s Angel paintings and includes a 60 minute CD with the wonderfully relaxing song of the Peace Lily. The 60 minute CD is also available on its own. The music is also available as a download

Angelic Healing Video

DVD — free postage  —  $34.90  —  Add to order

“Angelic Healing” features Glenyss Bourne’s Angel paintings with relaxing Angelic music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. It is approximately 17 minutes long and can be played in a continuous loop for those who need a longer relaxation.

Join Archangel Sandalphon as he takes you on a magical healing journey to the Angelic Realms. Feel yourself lift off and fly with the Angels! Breathe in the pure Unconditional Love Energy that the Angels send out to you, and as you breathe out, let go of any negativity, allowing deep healing to take place.

This DVD is designed to help you to effortlessly enter the state of deep relaxation and meditation and to raise your vibration. Feel the stress of everyday life will melt away effortlessly calming the mind, body and emotions.

Adults and children who have difficulty sleeping, will sleep more peacefully if this DVD is played before they go to bed.

It may also help to calm children.

Visions of Heaven Relaxation DVD

DVD — free postage  —  $25.90  —  Add to order

Featuring Angel Art by Glenyss Bourne

Visions of Heaven is a Deep Visual Meditation featuring Glenyss Bourne’s Angel paintings, with beautiful high vibrational relaxing music. It is approximately 12 minutes long plus a five minute shorter version. You can see the shorter version on YouTube below.

It is designed to help those who have trouble relaxing and meditating to effortlessly enter the state of deep relaxation and feel the stress of everyday life melt away! It helps to calm the mind, and to help to overcome depression and anxiety. It is suitable for adults and children; and for those in despair or in need of healing.

We have found that adults and children who have difficulty sleeping settle more peacefully when this the DVD is played before they go to bed. It may also help ADHD children to calm down and relax.

Amazing Angel Art Video

Experience the Love & Grace of the Angels. My new meditative video invokes the presence of the Angels and Archangels and helps you to connect with the Angelic Realms. The paintings in this video are available at or my website

Many thanks to David Paul for the use of his beautiful Spiritual music from his CD “Window to Infinity”. For more information about David’s music please go to

Visions of Heaven Angelic Visual Meditation

This Angel Art video was inspired by the Guardian Angels who work with me, to uplift the Earthly vibration and to comfort us in this time of great change. It will help to bring you in touch with your “Angelic Self”.

When we can access our Angelic Self we feel no fear and life becomes a great adventure. Growth and Change is our true nature! 

One Hundred Thousand Angels

This video features the beautiful music of Lucinda Drayton and Bliss. It is very relaxing and will help to overcome anxiety and uplift your spirit.

 Angelic Meditation with the Mantra of Devotion

As you watch this video you will feel a sense of deep Peace and Tranquility and effortlessly enter a meditative state; and you will become more aware of the Angels who Love,nurture and protect you. This Angel video my Angel Art and the Angelic voice of Rhonda Christene (Swami Devamaya) who composed the music. The music is a simple and enjoyable form of meditation where Sanscrit Mantras are chanted, called Kirtan.

The Angel paintings and music (Kirtan) are available on my website.

About Kirtan

“Kirtan has a potent quality which gives solace to the sufferings of humanity. In our modern age of constant stress, strain and tension, kirtan has a key role to play in tranquilizing the fluctuating tendencies of the mind. Just as a mother can give peace to her troubled child, similarly, kirtan tranquilizes the oscillating mind and makes the heart pure and innocent.” Devamaya

The Angel Art and music (Kirtan) are available on my website.

This image of Jesus broadcasts the divine light of compassion and Unconditional Love. Everybody seems to see different expressions. I have the canvas painting at my Angel gallery and everybody who stares into the painting has a powerful personal experience.

The video is best watched in full screen mode. Settle into a comfortable sitting position, take three deep releasing breaths, letting go on the out breath and be willing to open your heart to receive the Unconditional Love and Compassion which is your birthright!

When you are focused on the image of Jesus, you may see his aura light up and the expression on his face change as he seems to lovingly look deeply within, to the core of your Being.

My digital painting of Jesus can be purchased here.

Angel Art Relaxation-Ascent of Angels

I made this relaxing video with the help of my Angelic Guides. Take a few minutes to sit back, relax with the Angels and let them transport you to the to the Heavenly Realms ♥ Glenyss

Eternal Light Meditation Video

This short video will help to uplift your spirits and raise your vibration. Feel the Divine LOVE emanating from this deeply peaceful meditation! This video will transport you to the Heavenly Realms and help you to remember that You are Spirit! The Angelic image featured is Glenyss Bournes energy painting of of Sananda, the ascended Yeshua.

This is a Visual Meditation video, Angel Illuminations. It was inspired by the Angels. Seven days before making the video I knew nothing about movie making. I sat at my computer and with the help of my Angel Guides, I produced this video.

The music that accompanies it is called Kirtan,a meditative formof Mantra Chanting It was given to me by divine guidance about fifteen years ago, just after I became a Reiki Master. I was driving my children home from school and I heard it in my head- both parts playing together, I rushed inside to my harmonium, and wrote it down before I forgot it! I have no musical training but have been a member of a Kirtan meditation group for many years and play Harmonium and drums.

A group of us met at a recording studio and conducted our Sanskrit mantra chanting there. The result wes a genuine Mantra meditation tape with the actual vibration of the Kirtan energy embedded in it.

Angel Illuminations Meditation DVD

I have just produced a longer higher definition version of Angel Illuminations for sale on DVD.
The mantra music meditation cd’ ” Anaheart Kirtan”, which is about 1 hour of chanting and the longer version of Angel Illuminations Video are now available for sale on my website or at my eBay store angelartplus

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