How I painted Mary Magdalene

This is the story behind my painting of Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene18.tif

A few years ago I came across a tiny black and white photo on Pinterest which fascinated me. It evoked such deep emotions within me I could not stop looking at it. I felt it held an important message!

I looked up the story behind the photo and found that it was Ilse Weber, a Czech singer and poet who was sent to the Thereseinstadt Concentration camp by the Nazis with her son and husband. While there she cared  for the children, keeping up their spirits with music and lullabies.

She willingly followed her husband and the children she had been caring for when they were transferred to Auschwitz.

 When they arrived at Auschwitz, her young son, Tommy, and the other children were separated into a different line, She refused to be separated from them and joined their line.

As they moved along a Jewish “trusty” who knew her, whispered to her that they were going to the gas chamber. He told her to sit on the floor with the children and to sing as it would make their passing easier. She voluntarily accompanied them, softly singing a lullaby she had written to keep them calm. The immensely beautiful song is called Wiegala. Her husband survived.

I was so touched by this story of courage and compassion that I worked with the tiny photograph to breath life into it as a celebration of her life!

I then created a short video called “Ilse Weber Angelic Human Being” featuring this painting and her hauntingly beautiful lullaby “Weigala”

It can be found here

The expression in Ilse Weber’s eyes fascinated me and I tried to create that love and compassion in a new painting, which became my painting of Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalen by Glenyss Bourne

Awakening Video

This is a snippet of a longer video that features Glenyss Bourne’s Angel paintings, with beautiful high vibrational music. Three plants created the magnificent music for this video, truly a miracle of energetic communication and healing.

The full video is available for purchase here as a DVD or here as a digital download. It is approximately 19 minutes long and can be played in a continuous loop for those who need a longer relaxation. The music Angelic Symphony is available here.

Awakening is designed to help everybody to connect with their higher Self  to unlock the great wisdom and power within, and to effortlessly enter the state of deep relaxation. The stress of everyday life will melt away, calming the mind and body and allowing deep healing to take place.

It is suitable for adults and children, and for all those who wish to access their own inner guidance and healing. Adults and children who have difficulty sleeping may settle more peacefully if this DVD is played before they go to bed. It may also help ADHD children to calm down and relax. This is a link to purchase the full 18 minute video It will take you to sendowl to purchase.


First of all you should get comfortable and let the music and pictures take you on a relaxing journey deep within yourself.

At the end of the relaxation it is best to sit quietly for a while and slowly come back to the “real” world.

These are the Angels and Archangels in order of appearance.

Angel paintings by Glenyss Bourne appearing in Awakening video.

Angel Message for Today from Archangel Aria

127.small_Connect with the Angels and Archangels in your moments of greatest Joy and send them your Love and Gratitude, for these are the highest and most powerful emotions, and if practiced together with forgiveness and compassion, they can help to make this world what is meant to be.”

copyright Glenyss Bourne 2018

Angel Message for Today from Lady Diana

130.small_This is Lady Diana’s message for us ” I Love and protect the children! I enfold them in God’s Grace and help them to feel the divine spark within their heart. You are all deeply and completely loved as you are all children of the Divine. Love and nurture yourselves.”

© Copyright Glenyss Bourne 2020