Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness

The Angel of Forgiveness and Compassion by Glenyss Bourne

From “Father”  :– It is important not to judge and condemn other people, because your vision is limited down here in the 3D, material world. You can’t see the whole picture and you are unaware of the past-life history of that particular person, and their karma.

It is the lessons that they need that instigate their actions and the circumstances of their life. Someone who is persecuted in this life may have persecuted others during a previous life, and now needs to learn what it is like on the other end of the stick, and one who persecutes may be persecuting those who persecuted him last time around.

If one puts on one’s boy scout hat, and sets out to depose those who persecute, and release from persecution, the persecuted, one does them no service, because one deprives them of their life lessons, and also generates negative karma for oneself, or…

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