Healing Angelic Artwork

Sanctuary Angel Gallery is a place of Deep Peace and Healing.

Most visitors to Sanctuary Angel Gallery in Australia, can actually feel the presence and healing vibrations of the Angels which help to awaken their connection to Spirit.

I have been working with the Angels for many years, who guide my hand as I paint, and more recently I have been strongly guided to make Angelic videos that carry the actual vibration of the Angels and to make them available worldwide.
I could feel the Angels with me as I made this video, it is very relaxing and uplifting, the next best thing to an actual visit to Sanctuary Angel Gallery.

“Endlessly seeking in the world of matter,

Glimpses of Unseen Dimensions,

Awaken phantom memories,

Buried deep within,

And Peace descends!”

 © Glenyss Bourne 2013

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