Archangel Raphael Painting Review- Peaceful and Energizing

Raphael FB testimonial

This photo and the kind words were sent to me by one of my Facebook friends, who purchased this small painting of Archangel Raphael. It is always nice to see the Angel paintings in their new home and hear about the effects they have.

“Archangel Raphael is my favourite. There is something in the colour blending and flow which I find particularly uplifting and energizing in a peaceful way. The energy flowing from his left hand looks almost like water and I love this as a focus and image when I am channelling reiki. The Divine light behind him is beautiful and I love the details such as the feathery wing tips on the left and what seems to me like an expanded heart in his centre as he channels Divine healing. The colours and flowing feel are very special.”

Angel Message for Today- You ARE The Sacred Heart of Love!

Today’s Angel message is a call from Spirit to you to take a few minutes to tune into the “Sacred Heart of Love” within yourself.

First of all focus on the image of The Sacred Heart of Love. Then become aware of your of your Heart Chakra, and take nine slow deep releasing breaths, breathing in the Light of the Divine, With each out breath, let go of sadness loneliness and fear within your heart.When you have finished, take a few moments to feel a deep sense of Gratitude for the Spiritual Journey that you have undertaken; and allow any insights or guidance to come through to you.

The message that came through to me from Spirit as I painted this image was-

“When you can see the Divine in all beings, you can do no harm. This is “Unconditional Love” and it is this that you Seek!”

I was guided by Spirit to offer our channeled Angel Art online . The Angels use the paintings as a vehicle to spread their healing vibrations to all who need guidance and healing. The Angel Paintings help to raise the energy vibration wherever they are placed. You can read more about the Angels, Angel Paintings, Reiki, Archangels and Guardian Angels and Spiritual Healing in my various blogs .

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