Angel Message for Today from Archangel Gabriel and Mary

The message for today comes from Archangel Gabriel and Mary who work together in global healing both of the Earth itself and all life forms who live on the Earth. They offer guidance and healing to those who live in fear, to those who are downtrodden and they help to uphold Divine Justice. “We offer the purest vibration of Compassion and Unconditional Love to all in need. All you have to do is ask!”

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The Angel reading comes from the book Sacred Wisdom by Glenyss Bourne, a book of Angelic Guidance.

Copyright Glenyss Bourne 2000

Angel Message for Today-Archangel Michael

99-smallThe Energy of the Archangels and the Angels is very focused on the Earth at this present time for we as Humans, and the Earth itself are undergoing rapid and profound changes. Archangel Michael, is the Primary Guardian and Protector of Planet Earth and the Enforcer of Universal Law and Divine Justice. This is his message t to us at this time; “Call upon Me when all else has failed. I will instantly come to you, wrap my wings around you, and surround you with the Golden Light of Unconditional Love. Do not despair for the Angels are ever with you and there is always help at hand. Remember that you are Immortal Spirits and the Earthly Journey, a mere adventure that you chose to experience.”

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Angel Message for Today from the Archangels

Angel Painting of Archangels Gabriel, Michael and Raphael

Archangels Gabriel, Michael and Raphael

The Archangels help us with the higher Spiritual aspects of our lives in many dimensions. They help us in our Expanded Spiritual Journey, and in times of trouble they are always there for us. If you feel fearful and unsure, remember to ask them for help. The Archangels love you with a deep and abiding Love so strong that we on Earth can hardly imagine it! Call upon the Archangels to shower all beings, and our beloved Earth, with their Divine True Light.