Angel Message for Today- Divine Justice

The Angels and Archangels are the Guardians of Divine Law and they seek to prevent injustice and fear, for these emotions prevent us from raising our vibration, and keep us in the mundane.
Call upon the Angels and Archangels in your darkest moments and they will instantly be there for you!
Call upon the Angels and Archangels in your moments of greatest Joy and send them your Love and Gratitude, for these are the highest and most powerful emotions; and if practiced together with forgiveness and compassion, they can help to make this world what is meant to be – Heaven on Earth!
This is a painting of Astaria, a Cosmic Guardian; and Astaria’s message for us is,”I oversee the Universe and see that all is in Divine Right order. Call upon Me when you seek to enlighten your life and fulfill your dreams, and I will instantly be with you.”
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copyright Glenyss Bourne 2010

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