“Using Your Divine Power”

Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness

When your Higher Chakras;- Higher Heart; Fourth Eye, and Higher Throat, are open, your Ray of Divine Love and Ray of Divine Wisdom (Pink and Blue) come into balance with each other, and you begin to manifest your Ray of Divine Power (Gold). This is The Christ Light, and when the Rays of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom are in balance, the Ray of Divine Power is maximised, and you are then able to act out in The Christ Light.

At this point, if you don’t yet know your Christ Name, you should ask Archangel Michael in your meditation or just before sleep, to tell you it. Your Christ Name is your “sword of power”, and AA Michael bears the great sword of power, so he will give you your sword of power if you ask him. When you speak or act in your Christ Name, it multiplies the power of your…

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