Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness

Angel Painting by Glenyss BourneWhen one’s Soul has fully ascended to fifth dimensional (5D) awareness, She unites in oneness with Her Higher Self at His seat in the Higher Crown chakra. He is the collective consciousness of all of one’s past life Soul aspects. The collective consciousness is greater than the sum of it’s individual Soul aspects, and is like one’s `window’ into Spirit.

After one’s ascension to 5D, the next dimensional step is to the sixth dimension (6D). After taking this step, one will no longer be able to continue in the cycle of reincarnation, unless one takes a step back down to 5D and becomes a “Bodhisattva”; a volunteer Earthworker. It is necessary to do this because the Soul energy of a 6D Soul is too high for a physical body to handle.

The sixth dimension is “The Master Plane”, where the Angels and Ascended Masters hang out. They are like the Great Oversoul of Humankind;- the collective…

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