Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness

From Father :-   “Animals are commonly believed to be less evolved Souls than Humans; and by some, that animals dont have Souls at all; but although Humans are the most evolved technologically, some animals are more evolved spiritually, than the majority of Humans.

The majority of Humans are in third dimensional (3D) awareness, and go into 4D when they sleep (Sleep is just a temporary shift in dimensional awareness from 3D to 4D, that we make between waking and sleeping, and between life and death.) So most Humans are 3/4D Souls.

For aeons of time, The Star Brethren have moved flora and fauna between planets;- for example, when most of the life on a planet has been extinguished in a major cataclysm, such as a meteor strike, they have re-seeded life on that planet from other planets.

This has happened on the Earth several times in the distant…

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