Angel Message for Today – You are Eternal

117-smallYou are Eternal! There is no death, you merely step out of this body and begin another great adventure in different form. You come home to Yourself. You are loved beyond measure, do not fear for I am ever with you. Love lives forever, it is never lost.

©Glenyss Bourne 2016


“A NEW URGENCY” (via Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness)

"A NEW URGENCY" ¬† The time of "The Shift" is now very close upon us, and those of us whose Higher Heart chakras have opened are suddenly experiencing the opening of the 4rth Eye chakra, at the back of the head, at the top. This opening is bringing a great influx of spiritual energy and messages from our Higher Self ("Father") that guide us around the pitfalls set before us by the dark ones. The suddenness and urgency of the influx of spiritual energy is causing … Read More

via Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness