Relax and Let Go!

Many of you are feeling quite fatigued as the Earth energies are raising in vibration. Take some time to let go and allow yourself to effortlessly relax while you soak up the high vibrational Sanskrit healing mantra of Devotion, and pay a virtual visit to the Angelic Realms. Feel the deep Peace and Tranquility that descends upon you as you watch this meditation video; and become aware of the great beings of Light who nurture,  Love and protect you always. It features  Angelic Paintings and the Angelic voice of Rhonda Christene (Swami Devamaya) who composed the music. The music is a simple and enjoyable form of meditation called Kirtan. You can read more about Kirtan here.

“Kirtan has a potent quality which gives solace to the sufferings of humanity. In our modern age of constant stress, strain and tension, kirtan has a key role to play in tranquillising the fluctuating tendencies of the mind. Just as a mother can give peace to her troubled child, similarly, kirtan tranquillises the oscillating mind and makes the heart pure and innocent.” Devamaya

The Angel Art and music (Kirtan) are available here

Angel Message for Today “Raise your Vibration!”

The Angels that  work with me  and inspire my Angel Artwork. made it clear to me some time ago that they wished me to use our Angelic Images to create uplifting and healing Angelic Videos to post on the internet.

This video”Ascent of Angels”, made with Angelic Guidance, is both relaxing and energizing. As you relax and effortlessly enter a meditative state while viewing it, your bodily rhythms will slow down, and you will  enter the state of meditation.

The video will help you to ascend through your chakras, gently activating them and raising your vibration. This is an easy virtually effortless and enjoyable way of uplifting your energies as you ascend with the Angels!

Before you activate the video, sit comfortably and take a few deep releasing breaths and affirm your willingness to raise up in energy. When it has finished, close your eyes and sit quietly for a few moments until you feel ready to come back into the present moment.

“Ascent of Angels” is best viewed in full screen mode.

My spiritual friend Rananda posted an interesting blog about Spirit’s use of the internet. It can be viewed here

The Angel Paintings used in this video are available for sale as signed Giclee prints from my website, my ebay store, or Fine Art America