A Plant Sings with the Angels

I work with high vibrational Angelic energy through my paintings, and I decided to experiment with the energetic interaction between my Angelic energy paintings, and plants, in a high energy environment, Sanctuary Angel Gallery, using a new device that gives plants a voice.

The plants react to energy vibrations, they sing a different song with different paintings. These are my energy paintings of Le Andra and Archangel Aria and an African Violet that has lived a Sanctuary for many years. It shows that they are fully conscious beings and they consciously interact with their environment. This Music of the Plants device gives them a voice, so people can become more aware of this. When we understand that they are conscious beings hopefully humanity will treat them with more love, gratitude and respect.

Angel Message for Today from Isis

104-smallToday’s message comes from Isis. She is the Spiritual Activator and the keeper of Ancient Sacred Knowledge. Call upon her to help you to raise your vibration in order to access the sacred knowledge and power within yourself, and to open your heart and mind to become at one with your Higher Self.

©Glenyss Bourne 2016