Angel Message for today from Lady Miriam

108-smallToday’s message comes from Lady Miriam who is with us today. She will help to awaken you to Who you really are in order to experience your own Inner Truth and Beauty. Call upon her to help you to raise your vibration and to dispel any darkness, so that you may access your own sacred knowledge and the great power within.

©Glenyss Bourne 2016

One thought on “Angel Message for today from Lady Miriam

  1. I feel Mary Magdelene’s energy, love and support with me so strongly at the moment. I just stared at her for ages today while she comforted my soul. I am constantly in awe of how she changes within seconds just radiating her love and light. My Mary print has energy pouring from her 3rd eye. Words fail to tell you Glenyss how blessed I am to have not only Mary’s energy in my home and heart, but also the energy emitting from my other canvasses and prints. It does not matter how big or small the prints are. Whether it’s on canvas or top quality paper the strong vibration and deep healing are so powerful and beautiful. I am so looking forward to returning to the Sanctuary soon it is a true sanctuary of love, light and peace.Much gratitude Julie

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