Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness

Angel image by Glenyss BourneWhen you have opened, and are working with, the three Higher Chakras; – Higher Heart; – Fourth Eye and Higher Throat; your Soul ascends into union with your Higher Self at Higher Crown chakra; a hand’s length above your Crown, which is His seat.

This chakra is a radiant star of brilliant Golden and Violet Light and is already open for your Kundalini to make Her connection.

Your Higher Self is the collective consciousness of all of your other-life Soul aspects; and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

At this point you have become a Master Soul; a fully Christ Conscious Being and a fully-fledged Angel (Your Angel wings that began to grow when your Higher Heart chakra opened, have now grown to maturity.

Before, you used to “channel” your Higher Self;- now you have become your Higher Self;- and you act out in the material world…

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