Painting Angels

This  is one of my very early Angel Paintings Angel of Expansion and Courage

This is one of my very early Angel Paintings "Angel of Expansion and Courage "

Guided by Angels

About fifteen years ago, late at night I was experimenting with water colour painting and I went into a meditative state. To my great surprise I produced two incredible energetic paintings of Angels.

Digital Art

I then began to paint Angels digitally, although I had no previous experience in digital art.  Soon after this happened I was guided to produce a book of Angel paintings with Angelic Guidance, Sacred Wisdom. The Angel Book and Angel Paintings are a form of wordless communication that speaks to us on a soul level of “Remembrance.”The Angels came to me as I had the abilities they needed. They wanted me to paint them and to seed their vibration into the World.

Each Angel Painting carries the vibration of that Angel and broadcasts their vibration energetically to those in need. This is the purpose of the Angel Art.

Co-creating with Spirit

All of the Anaheart creations and Angel Paintings have been co-created with the Angels. I look at the paintings in absolute wonder sometimes and think “How did I do that?”

Sacred Wisdom Angelic Guidance Book by Glenyss BourneThe answer to that question is that I had BIG HELP! I am in absolute gratitude for the gifts that have been bestowed on me, even the gift of devastating illness that took me to places that I would never have chosen to go. I feel that it was necessary to have this experience in order to totally fulfill my life’s goal. I no longer fear death, I know that I will be merely be going Home, and for me it will be a celebration.

I now treasure each moment of the wondrous experience of life on Earth and try to have as much fun as it is humanly possible to have. Incidentally Angels have a great sense of humour and fun, you don’t have to be Good to receive their blessings.

Visit my online Angel Gallery to experience the Angel Paintings for yourself. To read more about Angel Art

10 thoughts on “Painting Angels

  1. Pity the greedy man for he is always in lack, through ignorance of the laws of abundance. Generosity is the Key to plenty.

    I want to know more about this subject, thank you, blessings

    • If you feel that you have abundance, then you will attract abundance, if you feel that you never have enough then you will never have enough. The secret is ti be in gratitude for what you do have, and to be willng to share it with others.
      Many of the richest people in the world tithe, they give 10% of their income away; and they feel this a way to attract even more abundance into their lives.
      To learn more about the law of attraction look at the Abraham Hicks material.

      • And yes it is so true about getting what you “ask” for, intentional or not!
        Our mind are like massive computers and what we put into them we become. It is as simple as that!

        I agree with the law of attraction, gratitude, all of what you say is 100% correct.

        Thank you ever so much for saying it!!

        Life’s lessons are better learned with the help of my guides or angels…and wonderful souls like yourself.

        Sharing my love, light & peace with you.


  2. Aw, this was a really quality post. In theory I’d like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done.

  3. We lost a grandbaby about 9 years ago next April –
    I have prayed over her, and wondered who she would have been.
    I am an artist, and sketch a lot. I got where I drew a small symbol that represented her. Just a circle with wings, but I knew it was her.
    One evening, not feeling well, I went to bed for a nap.
    When I woke up, and looked up on the upper ceiling where I stay – I saw that exact symbol in sunlit circles.
    It was a moment of wonder.
    I know that I will see her again.
    I thank God for angels.

    deb o

    • I just start to paint in a meditative state and sometimes when I have finished the Angel’s name comes to me . Sometimes the name comes later.

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